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About Us

...with Love and Care is how your child will be nutured


For the young child, play is learning and working.  The classrooms are arranged in learning centers that include blocks, puzzles, dress-up clothes, crayons, paper, and paint.  Your child is learning about math, how to get along with others, as well as developing his/her communication and creativity skills.  Though your child may occasionally bring home drawings and other projects, we are interested in the process of his/her playing and learning as it occurs at The Center.


​St. Mark’s Day Care Center Inc. is an early childhood program designed to meet the special needs of Infants, Pre-School, and After School-age children who require full-day childcare while parents work. 

SMDCC is accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and the State of CT'S - Office of Early Childhood. 

Located in Bridgeport's East End Community, SMDCC has easy accessibility to downtown and other major businesses. 


In response to the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and with the hope of keeping His Dream alive, the Vestries of St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Bridgeport and Trinity Church of Southport met on July 18, 1968, to seek how to ease the pain and initiate program support to serve Bridgeport. It was then decided that a daycare center would best serve to inspire, educate and care for children residing near St. Mark's Church in the East End community. Through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated group of St. Mark's and Trinity Church members, community educators and leaders, and friends, St. Mark's Day Care Center was founded. Later that year on December 31, 1968, the building and land at the corner of Newfield Avenue and Eagle Street was purchased with contributions from the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, Trinity, and St. Mark's Churches. And on February 21, 1969, the building dedicated as the Aaron J. Cuffee (the founding rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church) was designated to become St. Mark's Day Care Center.

After extensive renovations, and through the combined efforts of St. Mark's and Trinity Churches, St. Mark's Day Care Center opened its doors on April 1, 1970, with several teachers, a cook, and dedicated volunteers assisting Mrs. Velma McCarroll, The Center's first director. On June 7, 1978, a new annex to The Center donated by Trinity Southport opened providing 12,000 square feet of play area, a kitchen, infirmary, additional bathrooms, office space, and four rooms as living quarters for the Center's Director. The facility was then certified by the State of Connecticut to accommodate 54 pre-school children.


We provide a warm relaxed atmosphere in a nurturing setting where each child can interact at their own pace.  This means that we will respect and encourage each child’s right to personal choice in every aspect of their day.  We will guide and develop their successful socialization with other children and adults providing stimulating and challenging learning opportunities.  It is our goal to encourage tolerance and understanding of each other within the classroom, The Center, and the community.


Maximum licensing capacity: 198.

Health & Safety

We do all we can to ensure the safety and health of each child. Please give a call if you have any questions about our current health and safety precautions during this time.

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