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Age Range:  6 weeks - 12 years.  


2 - Infants

4 - Toddlers

4 - PreK 

School-age, extended

Summer Camp: June – August 2021

Ages: 6 – 12 years

Time: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks

Reading & Language Arts, STEM, Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games

Fee: $280.00/week (discounts for siblings)

For more information call

(203) 335-3828 

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  • What are your days and hours of operation?
    We are open Monday through Friday, 6:30AM until 5:30PM (year-round).
  • What is your COVID19 protocol?
    We follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and State of CT Office of Early Childhood (OEC). Currently, we follow social distancing (when possible), frequent handwashing and face mask policy for children and staff over the age of 3 years. Frequently touched items (toys, tables, chairs, bathrooms, door knobs, etc.) are sanitized throughout the day.
  • Is St. Mark’s Day Care Center (SMDCC) licensed and accredited?
    Yes. SMDCC is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the State of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood (OEC) and the City of Bridgeport (Lic. 14048).
  • What is your policy regarding late drop-off and pick-up?
    DROP-OFF: The Center must be notified by 9:15AM if a child is going to arrive after 9:30AM. PICK-UP: Is according to your child’s contracted schedule, a late fee ($30.00) will be charged every quarter hour (15 minutes) after your child’s contracted discharge time.
  • What are the teacher to child ratios?
    Infant and Toddlers (8:2); PreK (10:1); and School-age (10:1).
  • Is there a weekly learning plan for each class?
    Yes. Bi-weekly lesson plans are created by our teachers.
  • What meals are served daily?
    We provide Breakfast, Lunch, and an Afternoon Snack.
  • How do you communicate with parents?
    We encourage frequent communication with our parents during drop-off and pick-up, also by phone calls, email and text messages, class group chat text messages and by our website.
  • What is SMDCC’s discipline policy?
    SMDCC staff believe that discipline is not punishment. We believe that discipline provides an opportunity to assist the child in developing socially acceptable ways to express needs and emotions. Examples of developmentally appropriate methods utilized for resolving conflict are: - Positive guidance: when disputes arise among children or between a child and staff, our staff will encourage a “talking out” process where the goal is to acknowledge feelings and find solutions using the child’s ideas whenever possible, - Setting clear limits: staff will encourage and model positive behavior, positive reinforcement, the use of peer support and clearly defined rules, - Redirection: a child who may be aggressive or who is disruptive or destructive of other children’s work may be asked to make an activity choice in another area.
  • Do you have a nurse on staff for medical care?
    Yes. SMDCC has a nurse consultant on staff. Our teachers, and other staff members are also certified in CPR, Medication & Epi-Pen Administration, First Aid, and are Mandated Reporters.
  • Does SMDCC transport children in vehicles?
    No. However, from time to time with signed Parental Permission, we do take PreK and School-age children on field trips.
  • Do you have any security provisions?
    Yes, we have 24-hour classroom, hallway, and perimeter cameras.


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